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General Information

  • Fenitrothion is non-systemic, and non-persistent.
  • Fenitrothion is considered a cholinesterase inhibitor.
  • Fenitrothion is effectiveness as a vector control agent for malaria is confirmed by the World Health Organization.


  • The complexation by cyclodextrin (??-CD) of three organophosphorus pesticides, fenitrothion, parathion and methylparathion, and of their carboxylic ester analogues was analyzed using PM3 and molecular mechanics methods.
  • The analytical method used in the Brazilian trials involves extraction of combined analytes of fenitrothio  and  esfenvalerate with ethyl acetate in the presence of sodium sulphate, partitioning by a mixture of cyclohexane and ethyl acetate, and cleaning by gel permeation chromatography. The analytes are determined quantitatively by gas chromatography using electron capture detectors (μ- ECD, Ni63 pulsing) for esfenvalerate and pulsing flame photometric detection (FPD) for fenitrothion.


  • Fenitrothion is registered for use in many countries on a wide range of crops.
  • Long-term control of Aedes aegypti, the vector of dengue haemorrhagic fever in Thailand, was obtained by 2 thorough applications offenitrothion mist applied at a target dosage rate of 0.1 ml per m3 of room space.
  • Fenitrothion was evaluated for residual spraying in antimalaria programmes in a largescale field trial.


  • Canadian forests constitute 10% of the total forested land mass of planet earth and are thus a key element in global carbon and other biogeochemical cycles. Our forests provide habitat for an estimated 140,000 species of plants, animals and microorganisms.
  • Forest management in Canada covers a spectrum ranging from extensive through basic to intensive with varying degrees of human intervention, financial investment and scientific basis.
  • In Canada, owing largely to difficult access, remoteness of sites, and inherent cost-effectiveness relative to other alternatives, herbicides remain the principal mechanism for controlling competing vegetation. However, in contrast to the United States, and many other major timber producing countries, only a few herbicides are registered for broadcast application in Canada.

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