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  • Fenobucarb is a carbamate insecticide.
  • Fenobucarb is a pale yellow or pale red liquid, insoluble in water; used as an agricultural insecticide on rice and cotton and highly toxic for humans.
  • Effects of the insecticide fenobucarb on 2 mayfly species, Epeorus latifolium and Baetis thermicus, were examined in indoor model streams.
  • Aqueous concentrations of fenobucarb residues in the model streams were 69]71% of its nominal level until 24 h, except at low concentrations less than 2 mg ly1 in the water.
  • Acute toxicity and subacute effects on brain cholinesterase (ChE) of two of the most commonly used insecticides, diazinon and fenobucarb, on adult native snakehead (Channa striata) were evaluated in a static, nonrenewable system, the environmental parameters of which, such as dissolved oxygen, water temperature, and pH, fluctuated
    similarly to field conditions.
  • Fenobucarb and Fipronil are sold as active ingredients in separate insecticide formulations and they are potent insect killers, with different mechanisms and reaction time.

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