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General Information

  • Fenvalerate is an insecticide. It is a mixture of four optical isomers which have different insecticidal activities.

  • The 2-S alpha (or SS) configuration is the most insecticidally active isomer. Fenvalerate consists of about 23% of this isomer.

  • The technical grade is a yellow-brown viscous liquid which may be partly crystallized at room temperature, and has a specific odour.

  • Fenvalerate is a synthetic pyrethroid with no cyclopropane ring in the molecule.

  • Technical-grade fenvalerate is 90-94% pure and consists of equal portions of the four stereoisomers (RR, RS, SR, SS).

  • It may be formulated as emulsifiable concentrates, ultra-low volume concentrates, dusts or wettable powders.


  • Fenvalerate can be prepared by esterification of 3-phenoxybenzaldehyde cyanohydrin
    with 2-( 4-chlorophenyl)isovaleroyl chloride, or by condensation of 3-phenoxy--halobenzyl
    cyanide with the isovaleric acid in the presence of a base such as potassium carbonate.
  • More conveniently, fenvalerate can be provided by the Francis reaction using the isovaleroyl
    chloride, the aldehyde and sodium cyanide.


  • Fenvalerate is used mainly in agriculture, with about 90% used on cotton.
  • Fenvalerate is also used on other crops, such as vines, tomatoes, potatoes, pomes, other fruit and a wide variety of other crops.
  • It is also used in public health and animal husbandry, e.g., for controlling flies in cattle sheds.
  • Fenvalerate is used in homes and gardens for insect control and around the foundations of buildings to control termites and carpenter ants.


  • Fenvalerate has undergone laboratory and silo-scale field trials as a stored grain protectant in Australia.
  • Esfenvalerate is available in the USA as a technical-grade product with a purity of 75%.
    It is formulated in the USA as an emulsifiable concentrate.
  • Fenvalerate[4-Chloro-a-(1-methylethyl)benzeneaceticacid cyano(3-phenoxyphenyl) methyl ester], a member of the family of synthetic pyrethroid, type II, is commonly used as a highly active insecticide in agricultural and other domestic applications in China.

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