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  • Glass fiber manufacturing is the high-temperature conversion of various raw materials into a homogeneous melt, followed by the fabrication of this melt into
    glass fibers.
  • Fiber glass is produced by spinning or blowing molten glass into short, thin fibers
  • The primary component of glass fiber is sand, but it also includes varying quantities of feldspar, sodium sulfate, anhydrous borax, boric acid, and many other materials
  • Mineral wool, glass wool, rock wool, fiber glass, ceramic fiber are closely related products,
    produced from sand/rock/ slag
  • Fiber glass comes in two forms: fiber glass wool, and textile glass fibers
  • Glass wool is the most widely used form of fiber glass, notably in acoustical, thermal
    insulation, in heating, venting, and air conditioning filters. Textile glass fibers are made of
    continuous strands or filaments. They are used to reinforce materials, especially plastics,
    and in woven and non-woven fabrics
  • Fiber glass today is widely used in everything from buildings to appliances to airplanes.
    Fiber glass is used to control the flow of heat, absorb sound, and filter gases and liquids.
  • Glass fibers donít burn, rot, or absorb moisture or odors. When properly maintained, they donít support the growth of mildew, mold, or bacteria

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