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Trade profile@ a glance

  • India ranks 6th among major fish producing countries of the world With annual fish production of about 5 million tons 
  • The most common method of fishing, trawling is simply described as towing a net through the water. A trawl net is funnel-shaped, and can harvest bottom-dwelling fish when dragged along the ocean floor.
  • Trawling can be divided into bottom trawling and midwater trawling, depending on how high the trawl (net) is in the water column
  • Beam trawling is a very intensive fishing method operating a heavy weighted fishing gear towed at high speed over the seafloor with very high consumption of fuel and materials like steel and netting between 30 and 50% of the gross revenue of beam trawlers goes to fuel
  • Midwater trawling is towing the trawl through free water away from the bottom of the ocean.
  • The total number of deep sea fishing vessel in India remained static at 172. The reason for slow progress in introduction of deep sea fishing vessel on ownership by Indian entrepreneurs is mainly due to fall in per boat catch.
  • Several measures have been taken to boost export of marine products particularly from deep sea fishing sector. These include provision for Test Fishing; leasing of foreign fishing vessels for operation in Indian EEZ; Joint Ventures in deep sea fishing, processing and marketing; supply diesel oil at international price for vessels exporting more than a quarter of
    their Catch and improved communication facilities.

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