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The flat panel technologies are being used in consumer products like cell phones, PDAs, cameras and auto interiors, and they promise much in business and health care technologies. Flat panel displays project audio video advertisements in supermarkets and other retail venues.
Materials for Flat Panel Displays including Liquid Crystal Display , Electrophoreses, Electro wetting and Organic Light-Emitting Diode displays are offering opportunities
Growth of these products has been forecast as high as 30% annually
Flexible flat panel display is a flat panel display constructed of thin (flexible) substrates that can be bent, flexed, conformed, or rolled to a radius of curvature of a few centimeters without losing functionality
The global Flat Panel Displays (FPD ) market is forecast to reach 61 billion in 2010 and to exceed 65 billion by 2012
There are around 70 companies in the UK directly involved in, or closely related to, plastic electronics, putting the UK third in the world in terms of commercial activity behind the US and Germany.

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