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  • Galvanizing is a process in which a zinc film is deposited on goods made of steel to provide long term (generally 10 to 30 years) corrosion protection and abrasion resistance.
  • A complete logistics structure, the entire plant infrastructure and the processing technologies of a hot dip zinc galvanizing facility is developed. Some essential methods of a Design for Reliability Approach (DFR) are
    applied during the development of the logistics infrastructures of the new facility.
  • The protection of steel from corrosion by hot dip zinc galvanizing is a well established practice and the technique is still unequalled for the long term protection of structural articles.
  • Worldwide, the largest markets for galvanized steel are mostly the “Construction industries” and the “Automobile industries”. The recycle life of galvanized steel can be up to 100 years and the added cost is justified by decreased maintenance cost over non-galvanized steel.
  • The normal procedure for flux galvanizing of steel sheet involves a cleaning/degreasing step, often using a
    similar aqueous alkaline cleaning solution as that used for the hydrogen cleaning process.
  • A new precision zinc galvanizing process has been developed providing superior wear and corrosion protection on steel and iron parts. The process eliminates environmental problems with traditional hot dip galvanizing and zinc electroplating processes.
  • Galvanizing residues, which have a high zinc content, are totally recycled. As a result, these materials, of which 800kt are produced each year worldwide, constitute 54% of zinc-containing materials (new zinc scrap and residues) currently recycled.
  • European general galvanizing plants, which protect about 5Mt steel products each year, do not generate
    process scrap.
  • All galvanizing processes produce zinc-containing materials, or by-products, known in the industry as
    residues. The first, known as galvanizing dross, comes from the reaction of zinc with the steel which is
    galvanized. The second, known as skimmings or ash, comes from the oxidation of zinc during the galvanizing
  • The properties of these galvanizing by-products are well known and there are well established technologies to comple-tely recover the zinc contained in them.

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