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  • A Paste of fresh ginger - quick and easy to use. Ginger is an essential ingredient in Indian cooking. This product
    saves time and wastage, peeling, chopping or crushing. Smooth and instant ginger Paste is a boon for any Indian
  • With increasing ginger production in Hawaii, canned ginger paste was made experimentally as a value-added product.
  • In India, a ginger paste is traditionally made with 50% sliced and macerated ginger, 35% garlic, and 15% salt.
  • The ginger is washed with chlorinated water and ordinary water and made into paste in pulveriser.
  • The Influence of temperature on the rheological characteristics of ginger paste were studied using a rheometer
  • Ginger and Garlic Paste is mainly used as a condiment in various food preparation and also serves as a carminative and gastric stimulant in many medicine preparations.
  • The number of respondents using other ginger products (like ginger tea (8%), Ginger candies (4%) and powdered ginger (4%) ) are very less, so looking into the potential market we would now concentrate on production of two products for our target customer namely ginger paste and ginger pickle based on the consumer survey .

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