Glacial acetic acid

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  • Acetic acid is a colourless liquid that when undiluted is also called glacial acetic acid. Glacial acetic acid is a trivial name for water-free (anhydrous) acetic acid. Glacial acetic acid is anhydrous form of acetic acid in which it exists in dimmer form.
  • It's known as Glacial because on freezing it forms needle shape crystals. Glacial acetic acid is a pure organic compound sold commercially as a 5% solution known as vinegar.
  • By 1910, most glacial acetic acid was obtained from the "pyroligneous liquor" from distillation of wood. The acetic acid was isolated from this by treatment with milk of lime, and the resulting calcium acetate was then acidified with sulfuric acid to recover acetic acid. At that time, Germany was producing 10,000 tons of glacial acetic acid, around 30% of which was used for the manufacture of indigo dye.
  • Glacial acetic acid is an excellent polar protic solvent, as noted above. It is frequently used as a solvent for recrystallization to purify organic compounds. Glacial acetic acid is used in analytical chemistry for the estimation of weakly alkaline substances such as organic amides.
  • Glacial acetic acid is a much weaker base than water, so the amide behaves as a strong base in this medium. It then can be titrated using a solution in glacial acetic acid of a very strong acid, such as perchloric acid.Glacial acetic acid is also used as a wart and verruca remover. Glacial acetic acid is also used in many different products such as paint, varnish, lacquer and other related products.
  • It is also an important chemical reagent and industrial chemical, used in the production of soft drink bottles; cellulose acetate, mainly for photographic film; and polyvinyl acetate for wood glue, as well as synthetic fibres and fabrics.
  • Dilute solutions of glacial acetic acid can be used in the clinical laboratory to lyse red blood cells in order to do manual white blood cell counts. There are no medical uses to pure GAA, dilute concentrations can be used to remove warts or verucas; it can also be used via iontophoresis to treat bone spurs. Industrial uses include photography and the manufacturing of aspirin.
  • After the return, the domestic market of glacial acetic acid in cost and the market driven by narrow attitude, intention quite, but the contradiction between supply and demand, market increasing frustration, but after all, the current market has the product cost, and some enterprises operating loss, the market fell difficult, short-term is expected to a whole.
  • Thorpe by ethyl acetate and acetic acid export task of lifting load effect, glacial acetic acid unit load increases to 7-8 near Wujing.

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