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  • Glufosinate-ammonium is a herbicide or desiccant.
  • Glufosinate residues are readily miscible in water  and will not volatilize significantly due to a low vapor pressure
  • The broad-spectrum herbicide glufosinate ammonium is a structural analogue of glutamate and acts in plants by inhibition of glutamine synthetase leading to a complete breakdown of ammonia metabolism.
  • Glufosinate ammonium does not interfere with various neurotransmitter receptors in vitro and does not influence the catecholamine neurotransmitter tissue concentrations after iv application.


  • Glufosinate ammonium was obtained from Riedel-de Haen.
  • Glufosinate-ammonium is a phosphoruscontaining amino acid derived from a natural toxin isolated from two species of Streptomyces fungi.


  • Glufosinate-ammonium (GLA), the active compound of a worldwide-used herbicide, acts by inhibiting the plant glutamine synthetase (GS) leading to a lethal accumulation of ammonia.
  • China now plays an important role in pesticide production in the world. It is the biggest pesticide producer currently, whose output volume and  export volume reached 2.23 million tonnes and 0.51 million tonnes respectively in 2009.
  • China is also a huge pesticide consumption market with sustainable tillage area of over 150 million hectares each year, and annual demand volume reaching over 400,000 tonnes.
  • In the future, pesticide market in China will witness more trade frictions among domestic producers, as well as much more commercial and cooperation opportunities.

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