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  • Gluten, a protein component of a kernel of corn, is not present at any level of production of decaffeinated coffee.
  • Gluten is the composite of a prolamin and a glutelin, which exist, conjoined with starch, in the endosperm of various grass-related grains.
  • Gluten is a tough, rubbery and elastic substance, which can stretch and rise due to the action of baking powder or yeast.
  • Therefore, the decaffeinated coffee produced by QUSAC Decaf Incorporated is Gluten-Free.
  • Gluten is used in the bread industry to supplement the gluten proteins already found naturally in flour and dough.
  • Gluten can be removed from wheat flour, producing wheat starch. All of the gluten in wheat flour, however, cannot be removed.
  • Classical and chemometric methods have been used to detect falsified maize gluten products.
  • Corngluten Feed and Distillers: High demand is expected to come from the US domestic market. Consumers there are poorly covered so far and due to the higher corn prices feeding of DDG and corngluten feed might increase further. Export prices will therefore adjust to levels that are competitive against the domestic market.
  • Since only the fixed WCGF(Wet Corn Gluten Feed) price of 37.5 percent of the price of corn was assumed,
    variable WCGF prices were analyzed to determine the breakeven percentage.
  • Recent increases of wheat gluten imported into the US have lead to trade disputes.
  • Imports of gluten into the U.S. have dramatically increased 5.23 million bushels by some year from 1.79 million bushels in the previous year.
  • The estimated coefficients and confidence intervals also show that the gluten import quantity is significantly related to prices in three out of four wheat classes.

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