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  • Glycol ethers are a group of solvents based on alkyl ethers of ethylene glycol commonly used in paints. These solvents typically have a higher boiling point, together with the favorable solvent properties of lower molecular weight of ethers and alcohols.

  • The word "Cellosolve" was registered in 1924 as a United States trademark by Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Corp. for "Solvents for Gums, Resins, Cellulose Esters, and the first one was ethyl cellosolve (ethylene glycol monoethyl ether), with the name now generic for glycol ethers. Glycol ethers can be also derived of diethylene glycol (carbitols).

  • The ethylene glycol ethers with alkyl chains of one or more carbon atoms: EGME, EGMEA, EGEE and EGEEA.

  • 2-Methoxyethanol(EGME), or methyl cellosolve, is an organic compound that is used mainly as a solvent for different purposes such as vanishes, dyes and resins and also used as an additive in airplane deicing solutions.

  • It is a clear, colorless liquid with an ether-like odor. It is in a class of solvents known as glycol ethers which are notable for their ability to dissolve a variety of different types of chemical compounds.

  • EGEE is a component of many cleaning agents, epoxy coating, paints and is an anti-icing fuel additive in aviation and also a chemical intermediate in production of another solvent, EGEEA.

  • EGEEA is used in automobile lacquers where it retards blushing and evaporation and imparts a high gloss and also used as solvent for nitrocellulose, oils and as a component of varnish removers.

  • EGMEA is used in semiconductor industry, photographic films, lacquers and silk-screening inks.

  • EGME is metabolized by an alcohol dehydrogenase to methoxyacetaldehyde, which is then metabolized by aldehyde dehydrogenase to methoxyacetic acid.

  • The glycol ether gives the composition the ability to penetrate into the cracks between two seized or corroded elements and dissolve any rust or corrosion parts.

  • A penetrating and lubricating composition consisting of a silicone lubricant dissolved
    in a glycol ether carrier having a very low surface tension.

  • Grignard reagents prepared in the presence of diethylene glycol dibutyl ether have
    improved yields and stability, including storage stability, at room temperature.

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