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  • A health club (also known as a fitness club, fitness center, and commonly referred to as a gym) is a place which houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise.

  • A health club can be descried as a service facility that is intended to provide physical health care exercises with the help of specialized equipment.

  • Most health clubs operate under one of two business models: the private, individually owned gym and the national franchise. The services you want to offer customers, the availability of financing, your business acumen and your area's market typically drive the decision between the two.

  • Health clubs are often located near large employers. They usually draw a crowd of people before plant or business normal working hours, during lunch breaks, and after closing.

  • Health care market in US has grown at a very healthy rate in the last decade. As of 2007, health club market reached $17.6 billion.

  • Health care club industry has a lot of potential in the future for both existing and new investors. Market is expected to reach 60 million 15 members by the year 2010.

  • It is projected that Indian fitness industry will rise on the graph annually by 20 to 30%. The fitness industry in India valued at anything between a whopping Rs 2,000 crore and a more modest Rs 300 crore however is not celebrating just yet.

  • The fitness equipment market in India is estimated to be worth 12.5 bn IN 2008 ; and is expected to reach INR 63.3 bn by 2012. The annual growth rate is expected to be around 50%.

  • Health clubs provide marketers with a unique venue to reach millions of active, on-the-go consumers. Club members tend to be affluent and are willing to spend more for premium and/or healthful products.

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