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  • Kinnow fruit is a hybrid of Mandarins
  • Mandarins make up the largest and most varied group of citrus
  • The kinnow mandarin peak season runs from November to April
  • Major producers: Brazil,USA,China, Spain
  • The emphasis should be given to establish kinnow-processing industries for the development of value-added quality ready-to-serve (RTS) products, minimize post-harvest losses and provide remunerative price to the producers.
  • The single most hindrance in the popularity and processing of kinnow mandarin juice is the development of bitterness due to enzymatic conversion of a non-bitter precursor LARL in to intensely bitter limonin.
  • A plant having a capacity of processing 8 tons of Kinnow per hour is considered to an economically viable plant. For a total season of 135 days, 8,100 tons of Kinnow can be processed, if the plant runs at 8 hours per day
  • Under Punjab mandarin, kinnow is the most prevalent variety covering an area of 20,000 hectares with a production of 3.00 lakh tonnes, there is further scope to double the production in the next 5 years in India

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