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  • Lime-sulfur, or a mixture of calcium polysulphides and calcium thiosulphate is the product obtained by the combination of lime with sulfur, is commonly used today to control a variety of diseases such as plum pockets, black knot, black spot of rose, and a number of raspberry diseases.
  • Lime sulfur (LS) is the only fungicide registered for organic fruit production with demonstrated curative activity against apple scab, but such activity against Monilinia fructicola is unknown.
  • Varied proportions of lime and sulfur are mixed in water to get the lime-sulfur.
  • Lime Sulphur was first developed during the mid 19th century to control mildew on grapevines in French vineyards. From the early 1900s to the 1940s, lime sulphur was used widely and produced on a commercial basis until it was superseded by newer, more efficient chemicals.
  • The Lime Sulphur mixture produces a certain amount of Sulphur dioxide (SO2) as it dries (dependent on the ambient temperature, the warmer Lime Sulphur solution is as it dries, the greater the volume of Sulphur Dioxide that is produced).
  • Lime Sulphur did not cause injury in plants.
  • Lime sulfur spray is an organically-based substance that is effective in preventing and curing some fungal diseases of eucalyptus and other trees.
  • Dermatophytosis is the most common contagious and infectious skin disease of cats. Treatment with 21 days of oral itraconazole 10 mg kg1 and twice weekly lime sulphur was very effective, and many cats were mycologically cured within 3 weeks.

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