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  • Lithopone is a white pigment consisting of a mixture of barium sulfate and zinc sulfide. It is used in interior paints and in some enamels. It is widely used for white paint.
  • It was manufactured by Krebs Pigments and Chemical Company and other companies.The material came in different "seals", which vary in percent of zinc sulfide. Gold seal and Bronze seals contain 40-50% zinc sulfide, offering more hiding power and strength.
  • It is produced by precipitation through filtering, heating and quenching works. Lithopone has mostly been replaced by titanium dioxide which is more durable, but it is much cheaper. It is used as a base for lake pigment and used as a inert pigment for paint, ink and cosmetics as well as in a large range of applications in plastic industry. It is used as a filler in paper, leather, and linoleum.
  • It is a valuable pigment that is brilliant white with fine texture which is advantageous vs white lead. It mixed well with oils such as linseed oil or varnish, turns grey very fast in sunlight and white again in the dark (due to actinium).
  • The brands of lithopone of the normal class, that of chemical manufacture, are marketed under such names as Ponolith, Beckton White, Jersey Lily White, Oleum White, Zinc Sulphide White, all of these being of domestic manufacture, and their composition is of the 30 per cent. zinc sulphide type.
  • The lithopone preferred by the shade cloth trade would prove a failure in the manufacture of oil paints and much more so, when used as a pigment in the so-called enamel or varnish paints.
  • Titanium dioxide is one of the main raw material in the production of emulsion paints. LITHOPONE can play a key role as an alternative, with no loss of quality. Increasingly large quantities of LITHOPONE are being incorporated into emulsion paints for this reason.
  • An emulsion paint modified using LITHOPONE as described above exhibits equally good and in some cases actually better scattering power, lightness, colour shade, viscosity, abrasion resistance and storage stability than the original formulation.
  • LITHOPONE 30% L has a significantly lower specific surface area than titanium dioxide and therefore requires less wetting agent to achieve optimum wetting of its surface.

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