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Information @ a Glance

  • Maleic Hydrazide is a compound belongs to the class of pyridazinediones, 6-membered aromatic rings containing two adjacent nitrogen atoms (pyridazine), doubly substituted with oxygen.

  • Maleic hydrozide is recommended for the temporary growth inhibition of various trees, shrubs and grasses .

  • Formulations include an emulsifiable concentrate and soluble concentrate/liquid and solid.

  • Maleic Hydrazide is used in horticulture and agriculture field as a weed killer and growth inhibitor (nonauxin plant regulator).

  • It is used as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of other pyridazine and dione compounds.

  • Maleic hydrazide functions as a growth regulator acting especially on root vegetables.

  • Maleic hydrazide is applied as over-the-top foliar spray when the foliage is still in a good condition.

  • Maleic hydrazide is well known in agriculture as a growth inhibitor, but its mechanism of action is uncertain.

  • Maleic hydrazide, a polar compound, is highly soluble in methanol.

  • Maleic hydrazide has been available for potato sprout control for many years. 

  • It is used to control sprouting of potatoes and onions, suckers in tobacco, and growth of weeds, grasses and trees in/along lawns, turf, ornamental plants, non-bearing citrus, utility and highway rights-of-way, airports and industrial land.

  • Maleic hydrazide is of low acute toxicity.

  • Maleic hydrazide is mobile, especially in sandy soils, but not persistent in the environment.

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