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  • Methylated Spirits (or Denatured alcohol) is ethanol that has additives to make it more poisonous or unpalatable, and thus, undrinkable.
  • Denaturing alcohol does not chemically alter the ethanol molecule. Rather, the ethanol is mixed with other chemicals to form an undrinkable mixture.
  • Methylated spirits - metho is a mixture of ethyl alcohol (95%) and methyl alcohol (%5). The methyl alcohol is poisonous and is added to prevent the methylated spirits being used as cheap drinking alcohol.
  • Denatured alcohol is often used year round a cleaning solvent, and could be used as an antifreeze
  • Denatured alcohol that is intended for use as a fuel or solvent typically contains 5% or more methanol.


  • Uses for methylated spirits.

    - It's great as a glass cleaner! If you're going to use it in hot conditions, dilute it with water.
    - In fuel stoves - methylated spirits burns very cleanly; a little too cleanly in fact as it can be hard to see the flame.
    - Methylated spirits can be used to remove ink stains from upholstery or clothes
    - Remove permanent marker from pvc plastics. 
    - As a solvent for thinning paint
    - For cleaning paint brushes as an alternative to fossil fuel based solvents
    - As a general metal cleaner
    - For removing stickers and sticker residue from car windscreens
    - To clean bike disc brakes
    - Cleaning electronics
    - Cleaning CD/DVD laser lenses (use a cotton bud/q- tip)


  • The mixture was 10 per cent, wood alcohol and 90 per cent, ethyl alcohol made from molasses, and was what is known as the ordinary methylating spirit used for manufacturing purposes only and used under bond.
  • There shall be four classes of methylated spirits as follows:
    - Industrial spirits for use in the arts and manufactures (other than the manufacture of articles of food or drink,                essences, tinctures, or medicines);
    - Mineralized spirits for lighting, heating and power purposes;
    - Spirits for special manufactures or special purposes;
    - Spirits to be used for purposes of scientific investigation in connexion with Universities or Public Institutions.

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