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Information @ a Glance

  • Mushrooms are gradually becoming popular as they are rich in minerals and vitamins and very low on fat and sugar.

  • Mushroom is an exotic and nutritious source of vegetarian food and is also easy to digest. It is considered as a suitable substitute for meat and eggs.

  • Applications and market for mushrooms is growing rapidly in India because of their nice aroma, nutritious values, subtle flavor and special taste.

  • Many exotic food preparations like soup, vegetables, pickles etc. are made from them. They are also used for garnishing, to prepare many varieties of gravy and for stuffing several food preparation .

  • The most common products are powdered mushrooms and mushroom extracts, alcoholic and aqueous, in liquid or dried form.

  • Canning is the most common process for preserving mushrooms, particularly Agaricus mushrooms. Canning is divided into six basic operations: cleaning, blanching, canning,  sterilization, cooling, labeling and packing.

  • Mushrooms preserved by drying have a good flavour and the drying prevents deterioration. The moisture content of fresh mushrooms varies in the range of 70-90 per cent depending upon the harvest time and environmental conditions while that of dried mushrooms is about 10-13 per cent.

  • The market for mushrooms has been expanding in recent years. The trend is away from the canned product toward fresh and dried mushroom sales.

  • The production of mushrooms can play an important role in managing organic wastes which have become problematic as landfills reach capacity.

  • Treatments which can extend the shelf life of fresh sliced mushrooms must reduce bacterial growth, enzymatic browning, or mushroom metabolism

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