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  • Oxadiargyl acts as protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase inhibitor .
  • Oxadiargyl is pre-emergence and early post-emergence herbicide active on broad-leaved weeds.
  • Oxadiargyl was screened for weed efficacy and crop safety in a range of horticultural crops in Australia.
  • Globally, oxadiargyl was developed for rice and sugar cane, however the product is also being evaluated
    in sunflower, transplanted vegetables and perennial crops.
  • Potential new herbicides were screened and efficacy, crop safety and residue data was generated. The most effective herbicides identified from this work were pendimethalin, clomazone and oxadiargyl, which all gave best results when applied pre crop transplanting.
  • Field experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of thiobencarb and oxadiargyl herbicides on rice (Oryza sativa L.) and their possible residual effects on spinach (Spinacea oleracea L.) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.).
  • Oxadiargyl (Raft®), a new pre-emergence herbicide, has been evaluated in potato for its eco-toxicological characteristics and for broader spectrum  weed control as objectives.
  • Oxadiargyl is effective in controlling nutsedge-the-swamp (Cyperus would) in four doses tested and barnyardgrass (Echinochloa colonum) and male grass (Ischaemum rugosum) the three higher doses, the Oxadiargyl caused slight phytotoxicity to the crop when applied at the two highest doses, the symptoms disappeared 60 days after application, depending on weed control, Oxadiargyl significantly increases the grain yield of rice in relation to the non- hoed.

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