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Information profile @ a Glance
  • 95% of the global warming inputs to the system are associated with the Paddy cultivation process, 2% with the harvesting process and 2% with the seeding and milling processes
  • To reduce methane emissions from paddy
    fields, the options include using enhanced rice production technology such as minimizing the use of green manure and substituting pre-fermented compost from farm residues, adding nitrate or sulfate containing nitrogen fertilizer to suppress methane gas production or; change rice cultivation practices
  • The rice mills having longer hulling period and additional revenue from ash sale could attract the
    investors in rice husk fired power plant
  • Most of existing rice mills are of small capacity, efficient transportation would be very important in
    collecting rice husk from rice mills and supplying it to a big power plant.
  • Typical Installed capacity of the rice husk fired power station can be 500 kW, of which 320 kW can be used for rice milling process and surplus amount of 180 kW can be supplied to the power grid or neighboring consumers.
  • Cogeneration plant consists of rice husk storehouse, conveying and automatic boiler feeding
    systems, furnace/boiler
  • The use of steam at low pressure generated by the project for paddy drying instead of using coal will result in reduction of nonbiogenic
    CO2 emission

Basic Information

  • Climate Change Mechanism ( CDM)

  • Rice Processing Industry

  • Rice Production - Global Warming

  • Agribusiness Emissions

  • Methane Emission

Companies - Case  Studies

  • Non-Basmati Processing Company

  • Company Performance analysis

India Scenario
  • Rice Milling Industry - Cogeneration
  • Potential for reducing GHG emissions
  • Bengal Intiative


  • Trends
  • Rice Processing Industry - Bangladesh
  • Rice Hull Stove
  • China's Performance
Technology Information
  • CO2 emission reduction from residues of crops
  • Rice Husk Combustion
  • Rice Husk Energy Technologies

Project / Business Plan

  • A Sample pre-feasibility Report
  • CDM - Project Document example
  • 5MW Rice Hull-Fired Project
  • CDM Feasibility Study for Rice Husk-based Power Generation in the Philippine
  • Consultancy services
  • Project Reviewed
  • Guide Book
  • Japan Consultant

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