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  • Pendimethalin is a herbicides used in premergence and postemergence application to control annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds.
  • It is readily soluble in benzene, toluene, and chloroform. Slightly soluble in petroleum ether and petrol.
  • Pendimethalin is yellowish to yellowish brown solid and its melting point 54 - 58.
  • Pendimethalin is a general use pesticide (GUP). The most recognized trade name for pendimethalin is Prowl.
  • Pendimethalin is available in emulsifiable concentrate, wettable powder, and dispersible granule formulations.


  • Pendimethalin protects crops like wheat, corn, soybeans potatoes, cabbage, peas, carrots and asparagus.
  • It is used to control annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds which interfere with growth, development, yield and quality of agricultural and horticultural crops by competing on nutrients, water and light.
  • Pendimethalin may be used to control annual grass and broadleaf weeds in chickpeas.
  •  It controls the weed population and prevents weeds from emerging, particularly during the crucial development phase of the crop.
  • Its primary mode of action is to prevent plant cell division and elongation in susceptible species.


  • Pendimethalin is used for maintenance of a vegetation-free zone at the pavement edge in areas of eastern Washington.
  • Pendimethalin is not used every year but is rotated with other herbicides to combat resistance in prolific weed species (kochia, Russian thistle, etc.).
  • Pendimethalin is applied once per year in the fall or late winter at an average rate of 3 pounds active ingredient per acre.
  • Pendimethalin, a dinitroanaline herbicide which inhibits cell growth, is applied preemergence or preplant incorporated to approximately 30% of Georgia cotton for control of grasses and smallseeded broadleaf weed species.
  • Pendimethalin is registered globally for a wide range of crops, according to human and environmental safety standards by the European Commission, US-EPA, Canada-PMRA, Japan, Brazil-ANVISA and others.

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