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  • Pirimiphos-methyl is a phosphorothioate used as an insecticide.
  • Pirimiphos-methyl is an organophosphorus compound that inhibits cholinesterase.
  • Pirimiphos-methyl can be applied as an interior surface paint additive, in order to achieve a residual pesticide effect.
  • Pirimiphos-methyl is extensively metabolised in rats.
  • Pirimiphos-methyl was slightly irritating to skin and eye as well as induced mild sensitization.
  • Pirimiphos-methyl is a fast-acting broad spectrum insecticide with both contact and fumigant action.
  • Pirimiphos-methyl is more effective against anophelines in clean water than culicines in polluted water.
  • Pirimiphos-methyl, another organophosphate insecticide, is the only alternative to malathion for use on seed corn.
  • To determine the laboratory bioefficacy of pirimiphos-methyl against larvae, bioassays technique were performed as per WHO recommended procedure.
  • Pirimiphos-methyl (50% EC) was tested for its efficacy in cesspits and drains against the immatures of Cx. quinquefasciatus at Puducherry, an endemic area for filariasis, south India.
  • Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulation of pirimiphos-methyl had been considered as an economical form for logistics and also for ease of application.
  • The toxic effect of pirimiphos-methyl on the 111th and 121st generations of the LSS and FRS was studied using the leaf dip technique.

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