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  • Poly(ether sulfones) PES for short, are high performance polymers. The most popular is one made by Union Carbide called UdelTM. Poly(ether sulfones) act a lot like polycarbonates, but they're a lot more heat resistant. Poly(ether sulfones) also can stand up well to water and steam, so they're used to make things like cookware and medical products that need to be sterilized between uses.
  • Polyether sulfones get their name because they have ether groups and sulfone groups in their backbone chains. PES polymers have high glass transition temperatures, or Tg's, because the sulfone groups are so stiff. In fact, poly(phenyl sulfone) is so stiff that it doesn't have a glass transition temperature. In order to make it processable, we have to make that chain a little more flexible so the polymer will soften at a reasonable temperature. We do this by putting flexible groups in the backbone chain, namely ether linkages.
  • UdelTM uses a bisphenol A derived linkage to make the chain flexible. You'll notice that this polymer has two ether linkages in the repeat unit. For this reason UdelTM is more properly called a poly(ether ether sulfone). We call this a bisphenol A linkage because it's based on the monomer bisphenol A, but more about that later.
  • One reacts the sodium salt of bisphenol A and reacts it with di-para-fluorophenylsulfone in a solvent like dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) at between 130 and 160 oC and that gets us a poly(ether sulfone).
  • Memtrex MP (MMP) filters, constructed with hydrophilic polyethersulfone membranes and all polypropylene components, exhibit both enhanced throughput and reliable particle retention for superior performance in most applications.
  • Sumitomo Chemical announced plans to expand production capacity for polyethersulfone (PES) at its Ehime Works in Shikoku, Japan. Sumitomo Chemical’s Ehime plant currently produces 2,500 tons of PES annually, and construction has already begun to expand capacity to 3,000 tons annually. Sumitomo Chemical also plans to develop the market for applications outside the aircraft industry going forward to grow its super engineering plastics business with its PES operations as one of the cornerstones.
  • Among the high-performance polyaryl-based engineering polymers, polyethersuflone (PES) is known to possess excellent thermal properties including the deflection temperature of 200°C under a pressure of 1 . 8 MPa, a high glass transition temperature of - 230"C, and processing temperature of -320°C . Among a series of amorphous polyethersulfone (PES) polymer-dissolved N- methyl pyrrolidone  ( NMP ) solvent precursor systems, one consisting of 15wt% PES and 85wt % NMP proved to be the most effective in fabricating a coating film for protecting carbons steel against corrosion.

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