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  • The term precast refers to the fact that the blocks are already formed and hardened before they are brought to the job site. We can find its applications from railway sleepers to bridge elements, housing and stadia.
  • Precast concrete products are used in many applications like Building construction. Due to its more usable floor space and fewer columns, it provides more freedom on space utilization.
  • Precast concrete does not require painting and so it is free from any  corrosions. Using Precast concrete products extends the durability of building life.
  • Using precast concrete products,  makes the construction work to finish sooner. Indoor air supply is a major concern for all of us. So considering that point, precast concrete products are the best.
  • Precast concrete is a stable one  throughout its life and it does not need any chemical treatment to protect it against the damages like rot and insect attack which means that there are no emissions in the internal environment.
  • As precast concrete is made of natural raw materials like stones, gravels, sand and cement, which are locally available everywhere and in an enormous quantity, it  minimizes the whole life cycle impact on the environment when its compared with some other construction materials.
  • The pre-cast beds or moulds are first configured as per the drawings supplied by structural engineering team and is then prepared for concrete pouring.
  • Concrete is then poured into the moulds. It is then hand and machine-trowelled. Steel inserts are moulded into the concrete during panel construction. These are welded together at the time of the panels erection, to keep the panels from moving. Foam panels are now placed in the mould to create bevelled window sills.
  • Panels are fitted into the floor by inserting the vertical reinforcing bars protruding from the floor slab into large holes in the panel. These large holes are called Dross Backs.
  • At last, the panels are now transported to the site in special transportation racks that are lifted and placed onto the trucks.
  • Pre-cast concrete elements and components like kerbs, floor units, stair-cases pipes and reconstituted stone products are manufactured using variety of fabrication methods.
  • Some are manufactured using wet-casting processes in a similar manner to ready-mixed concrete. Others are pressed or extruded using semi-dry processes. These products may be un-reinforced  or may contain reinforcing steel .
  • US demand for precast concrete products is expected to rise 6.1 percent annually to $11.3 billion in 2015. Researchers found that residential building will be the fastest growing market for precast concrete products, advancing at a rate of 9.3 % annually through 2015.
  • The demand for precast concrete panels has been increasing steadily throughout the Gulf region. The largest market share of the pre-cast concrete industry is taken up by Masonry/concrete blocks, Paving slabs and paving blocks, Roof tiles, Pipes and associated products and Floor units.
  • Pre-cast concrete product manufacture generates only very little manufacturing waste of a few percent, as materials and rejects from the production can be fed back into the manufacturing process.
  • The high cost of skilled labour is a force driving the precaster to improve productivity in the precast industry and hence minimising the total production costs. The optimal allocation of crew will eventually minimise the labour costs, minimise the process idle time, maximise labourer utilisation, and subsequently improve the productivity of manufacturing systems in the precast industry.
  • The raw material recurring expenditure comes around Rs.1,42,500 per month. Turnover is expected around Rs.27,81,000/- and the profit of 13.17%. The cost of machineries and equipments to manufacture Precast concrete products comes around Rs.4,33,584/-
  • Precast concrete manufactured off-site negates the need for the  temporary works and so reduces the material wastage resulting in a more efficient use of material.

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