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Rice Industry
Information Profile @ a Glance
  • Rice botanically belongs to Oryza sativa L. of Gramineae family. Paddy is a self-pollinated crop. A complete seed of rice is called paddy and contains one rice kernel. Outer layer of rice shell is called husk. The next layer is called rice bran and the innermost part is called rice kernel.
  • There are more than 40,000 different varieties of rice 
  • Rice is cultivated in over 100 countries and on every continent except Antarctica
  • Rice varieties have probably changed more in the past 20 years than in the previous 20 centuries
  • Rice can grow on soil types that are not well suited for other crops
  • Rice can grow in areas that are waterlogged or inundated
  • Rice can be stored for years.The commercial demand of rice is relatively stable (but prices are low)
  • Rice is relatively robust towards pests, and lowland rice is very robust towards weeds.
  • One crop of rice can be raised in 3-4 months, well within the period of the monsoon rainfall
  • The System of Rice Intensification, known as SRI, is a set of farming practices developed to increase the productivity of land and water, as well as other resources
  • SRI is based on the principle of developing healthy, large and deep root systems that can better resist drought, water logging and wind damage. It consists of six key elements to better manage inputs, utilize new ways to transplant
    seedlings, and to manage water and fertilizer application.
  • Rice production system depends heavily on the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs. The increased use of agrochemicals
    and chemical fertilizers has raised concern about environmental pollution.
  • In world paddy production, Asia’s share is more than 90 percent. Paddy is a primary food grain crop of India and occupies about 37 percent of the area under food grains and contributed more than 40 percent of food grains production in the country
  • China the largest producer of paddy accounting 31.76 percent of total world production followed by India (22.40 percent).
Rice Varieties
  • Varieties
  • Varieties Selection
  • Using good seed
  • Grain Characteristics of Rice Varieties
  • Rice Plant types
  • Modern Rice Varieties
  • Australian Varieties
  • The nutritional benefits of rice
  • Certified Seeds - FAQ
  • Basmati Variety
  • Transgenic Basmati Rice

Paddy Cultivation

  • Paddy Cultivation
  • Traditional Cultivation & scope for improvement
  • Harvesting
  • Paddy Cultivation - SRI Method
  • The New Method
  • Aceh way
  • Water Management
  • Rodent Control
Project Information
  • Crawfish production in Rice fields
  • Integrated Paddy cum fish culture
  • Weed Management
  • Rice cum Duck Farming
  • Rice Fish Farming
  • Economic Analysis of Paddy Threshing Methods
  • Cost Efficiency & Rice farming in Taiwan
  • Cost of production
  • Cost summary
  • Rice Farm - cash flow
  • Rice Insurance
  • Cost of Cultivation - Manual

Post Harvest Management 

  • Post Harvest Profile
  • Harvest & Post harvest Operations
  • Paddy Drying
  • Sun Drying
  • Drying Systems
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Rice Milling
  • Modern Rice mills
  • Facilities in Purchase centers
  • Storage Systems
  • Grain Storage -
    Hermetically Sealed Systems
  • Super Bag
Case Studies
  • Malaysian Practices
  • Rice Cultivation Practices  - Madagaskar
  • Farming in China
  • Paddy cultivation - Japan
  • Rice Contract Farming in Cambodia
  • Water Saving Irrigation Technique
  • Rice Interplanting - China
  • Cultivation trends - India
  • Rice Mills - India
  • Farm Machinery use - SriLanka
  • System of Rice Intensification
  • Rice Farming in the Philippines
  • Intensive Subsistence Farming
  • Post-harvest losses - Egypt
  • Rice Milling Industry - India
  • Benefits of vermicompost
  • Rice cluster Study - Pakistan
  • Rice Value Chain - Vietnam
  • Rice-Based Intercropping
  • Strip Intercropping

Regulatory Issues

  • Food Security
  • Europe - issues
  • Basmati Rice - code of practice
  • Biotechnology Issues
  • Trade Barriers
  • Certified Seeds
  • Basmati Patent
  • Geographical indication and basmati
Products & Company Profiles
  • USA Rice Federation
  • Rice Alliance
  • Seed Processing Plant
  • Indian Company Report


  • Outlook2008
  • Production for Export
  • Food & Financial Crisis

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  • Important Web Sites

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