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Information @ a Glance

  • A ropeway is a form of naval lifting device used to transport light stores and equipment across rivers or ravines.

  • A ropeway conveyor or material ropeway is essentially a subtype of gondola lift, from which containers for goods rather than passenger cars are suspended.

  • Ropeways are used for the transport of goods or passengers, whereby the passengers or goods are conveyed or drawn in cars by means of a towing device.

  • There are various types of ropeways, but the most sought-after these days are detachable gondola ropeways and chairlifts, with gondolas being Indiaís favorite.

  • Aerial ropeway development may have a wide range of impact on the environment through activities like construction work, reclamation, excavation and other related activities.

  • Gravity ropeway is an inexpensive and simple means of transportation. It operates simply by gravitational force without the use of external power.

  • There are two main types of aerial ropeways: monocable and bicable. The choice of a particular type depends upon the length and topography of the route, the type and intensity of the traffic, and in many cases, the relative inaccessibility of the site.

  • The ropeway means people can get more produce to market from their mountain villages. And because it gets there quicker, itís fresher and earns them more. They have more time to tend their crops, more money to buy fuel for cooking and heating, and can even pay for education and healthcare. Technology really is making a remarkable difference to their lives.

  • Ropeways, which can reach speeds of 36 km/hr, can definitely be considered an alternative to skyways, metro trains, monorails, and low-floor buses as a means of public transport in congested areas of cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

  • Ropeways are widely used for public transport as well as for transportation of goods in mountain resorts and also in urban areas.

  • In the airport market the self-propelled systems with on-board vehicle power have historically dominated the market. Currently in North America, 25% of the airport systems operating are rope-propelled systems, but they carry 14% of the riders.

  • With recent development of the detachable-grip technology being utilized for the rope propelled system, they are able to bring cost advantages to higher capacity systems as was seen for the Zurich Airport system and more recently for the BART-Oakland Airport Connector system.

  • The investment capital available to forestall the obsolescence of ropeway equipment in the very mature ski resort market is adequate.

  • Setting up a ropeway business can, thus, take anywhere from a few to hundreds of crores.

  • Top ropeway manufacturers, including Doppelmayr and Leitner (together they control 90 percent of the manufacturing business), have their own technologies as well that provide unique lateral stability and can carry far more people.

  • Ropeways offer business opportunities not only as tourist attractions in hill stations, but also as cheaper means of urban transportation, capable of decongesting over-choked cities.

  • Ropeway standards are reviewed every five years to ensure that they reflect the state of the art, and they are updated as required.

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