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  • Silver bromide (AgBr), a soft, pale-yellow, water insoluble salt well known (along with other silver halides) for its unusual sensitivity to light. This property has allowed silver halides to become the basis of modern photographic materials.

  • The salt can be found naturally as the mineral bromargyrite (bromyrite).

  • Although the compound can be found in mineral form, AgBr is typically prepared by the reaction of silver nitrate with an alkali bromide, typically potassium bromide.

  • As silver bromide is heated within 100 C of its melting point, an Arrhenius plot of the ionic conductivity shows the value increasing and "upward-turning." Other physical properties such as elastic moduli, specific heat, and the electronic energy gap also increase, suggesting the crystal is approaching instability.

  • Silver bromide crystals produced in all the polar aprotic solvent.

  • Photographic film consists of an emulsion of a light sensitive material, AgBr in gelatin, coated onto a transparent and flexible support.

  • The latent image formation from a light-initiated due to oxidation-reduction reaction of the silver bromide on photographic film.

  • Inorder to remove the silver bromide from the photographic paper it must be converted into a soluble substance. This can be accomplished by addition of a substance which will form a strong complex with silver ions. Thiosulfate ion, is used to dissolve silver bromide by for the complex ion.If unwanted silver bromide crystals are not removed, the resultant film will discolor after a few months.

  • A simple method of fabricating highly potent dual action antibacterial composites consisting of a cationic polymer matrix and embedded silver bromide nano particles. Silver Bromide nano particle composites having potent long-lasting antibacterial activity toward both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

  • In the presence of hydroquinone as the reductant, of ultrafine crystalline suspensions of silver bromide in a gelatine protection to obtain silver nano particles.

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