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  • Silver acetate (AgC 2 H 3 O 2 ) is a photosensitive, white crystalline substance commonly used as a pesticide. It also produces a repulsive taste when combined  with cigarette smoke, so it is used in chewing gum and lozenges to aid the cessation of smoking.
  • In industry, silver acetate has been used in the preparation of highly reflective, conductive silvered polymer films.
  • Silver Acetate is also could be used to catalyze cycloaddition reactions of isocyanatoacetates.
  • In the health field, silver acetate-containing products have been used in such products as gum, spray, and lozenges to deter smokers from smoking.
  • The silver in these products, when mixed with smoke, creates a terrible metallic taste in the smoker's mouth, thus deterring them from smoking. Research has shown that lozenges containing 2.5 mg of silver acetate showed "modest efficacy" on 500 adult smokers tested over a three-month period.
  • Silver acetate was first introduced in Europe as an over-the-counter smoking-deterrent lozenge(Repaton) and then three years later as a chewing gum.
  • In nanotechnology, silver acetate has been loaded into the tube lumen (the cavity within the tube) of halloysites (a naturally available aluminosilicate clay) under  reduced pressure, washing separation, and heating. This tube has been used as a well-dispersed antimicrobial additive in plastic composites.

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