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  • Social gaming is a new kind of online entertainment.
  • The social games are usually embedded within major social networks and allow users to play together. These games can also be referred to as casual games as they take relatively little time to achieve the game objectives. They can be very addicting as they are very entertaining and simple to play.
  • Social games are usually very simple and easy to play. Because of this, they can be played relatively quickly.
  • The Social games are great to play while doing other things. The second important thing with these games is the social aspect of social games as many users can play together and friends can help each other win.
  • The Social games are usually played over a social network which ensures that many users are encouraged to play the game via email, messages or by friends.
  • The special aspect of social gaming is the fact that the games are connected to the major social networks, such as Facebook. Each social game is usually added to as an app to the networks. Therefore, many users can play simultaneously and can help each other win.
  • Around the turn of the century a research movement evolved from film theory and cultural studies, that studied video games as a cultural form – a movement that mainly focused on contents and on positive aspects of video games, and that did not always agree with the methods used by psychologists and sociologists.
  • The existing methods and techniques for social network analysis are inadequate to capture both the behavior (such as rationality and intelligence) of individuals and the strategic interactions that occur among these individuals. Game theory is a natural tool to overcome this inadequacy since it provides rigorous mathematical models of strategic interaction among autonomous, intelligent, and rational agents.
  • 2010 was indeed a busy year for social game developers in Korea. New social gaming platforms were launched by major portal sites, many new start-ups as well as online game developers have entered the market, and success stories from small start-ups were introduced here and there.
  • Facebook is currently the world’s leading social networking site, with over 400 million active users (70% from outside the US) and growing.
  • Many social game companies focus on the cost per install as a key metric for user acquisition. Cost per install of 50 cents is the industry average with some of the larger players reaching $2 to $3 per install for top games with large marketing budgets and good monetization rates.
  • Gaming in India got an impetus from Internet.

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