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  • Socks are protective knitwear for the foot which are exhibited by elastic and plastic characteristics.
  • Socks could be knitted from natural fiber (cotton, wool), textured yarn of nylon, mixed spun yarn of synthetic fiber and natural fiber, and mixed knit of synthetic filament textured yarn and spun yarn of natural fiber.
  • Socks are broadly classified into two main categories, cotton and nylon or blended socks.
  • Utilities required in the process of stocks and stockings production consist of electricity, water, steam, fuel oil and lubricating oils.
  • In estimating the demand for the Socks products the supply of the product, which constitutes imports is considered as a proxy for demand.
  • The demand for socks and stockings is mainly influenced by urban population growth and income rise. Hence, an annual average growth rate of 5% is taken to forecast the future demand.
  • Knitted socks are an item of general use. Knitting two socks at a time can be done with the toe-up method.
  • Socks are fun and easy projects to loom knit. The two basic stitches are the knit, or plain, and purl stitches. With these two stitches under your belt you will be able to create numerous stitch patterns for your loom knits.
  • Accounting for 43% of the total sock offerings at U.S. retailers, athletic socks are gaining attention from industry and consumers.
  • A Survey conducted recently show that only 2% of population in India wears socks.
  • Circular knitting machines used to produce baby socks and booties have needle counts ranging from 76 to as high as 132, about the circumference of the knitting cylinder.
  • The domestic industry employs an estimated 950 - 1,000 workers related to the production of baby socks and booties.
  • U.S. imports of all baby socks and booties totaled 8.3 million dozen pairs and were valued at $40.8 million.
  • Italy is the leading exporter of cotton knitted socks in the world and exports majority of the product to countries like USA, Japan and Germany.

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