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  • Starch phosphate is one of the modified starches used in the frozen food industry.
  • Starch phosphates finds its application as additives in manufacturing of desserts, sweet creams, cakes, sauces, mayonnaise, canned vegetables, yoghurts as well as in non-food industry. It is produced by phosphorification of free hydroxyl groups of anhydro-glucose units of starch molecule. They are esterified with phosphate reagents.
  • Phosphate reagents for starch phosphate monoester are orthophosphate salts. Starch phosphate is produced normally by using wet process. No reports are available on its use as pharmaceutical excipient.
  • Starch phosphate was prepared based on the method of Choi et al. with little modifications.
  • Take 100 grams of Potato starch and 30 grams of di-sodium hydrogen orthophosphate anhydrous. Suspend in 100 mL of water and stir continuously for 20 minutes. This starch slurry was then filtered and the wet starch mixture was conditioned for 12 hours at room temperature (28oC).
  • To enhance phosphorylation, this mixture was heated in a forced air oven at 130oC for 3 hours. The product obtained was grounded and sized.
  • Starch phosphates may be grouped into two classes namely  monostarch phosphates and distarch phosphates (cross-linked starches).
  • Unsegregated wheat starch phosphate displayed higher viscosity values in temperature range between 50 and 96oC and also it sooner reached maximum viscosity than phosphates obtained from the fractions.
  • During holding at 96oC and cooling, both unsegregated and fractionated wheat starch phosphates showed similar viscosity value.
  • Corn starch phosphate was characterised by a little lower pasting temperature and smaller viscosity values than phosphates made of its fractions.

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