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  • Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate (HSH) is a mixture of several sugar alcohols (a type of sugar substitute).
  • HSH are produced by the partial hydrolysis of starch most often corn starch but also potato starch or wheat starch. This creates dextrins (glucose and short glucose chains). The hydrolyzed starch (dextrin) then undergoes hydrogenation to convert the dextrins to sugar alcohols.
  • HSH are a kind of organic hydrogenated glucose syrups, which are composed of varying distributions of sorbitol, maltitol, and higher molecular weight polymers.
  • The HSH family of polyols is an approved food ingredient in Canada, Japan, and Australia.
  • HSH is used commercially in the same way as other common sugar alcohols. It is often used in as both a sweetener and as a humectant (moisture retaining ingredient).
  • HSH products are generally blended with other sweeteners, both caloric and artificial.
  • Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates are not readily fermented by oral bacteria and are used to formulate sugarless products that do not promote dental caries.
  • HSH provide 40 to 90 percent of the sweetness of sugar.
  • HSH are also more slowly absorbed in the digestive tract, thus, have a reduced glycemic potential relative to glucose.
  • HSH are exceptionally well suited for sugar-free candies because they do not crystallize and blend well with all kind of flavors.
  • HSH  belong to an important group of non-sugar sweeteners known as the Polyols.
  • HSH can be manipulated to satisfy the varied requirements of sweetness, viscosity and humectancy in the final product.
  • HSH  are produced by the partial hydrolysis of corn, wheat or potato starch and subsequent  hydrogenation of the hydrolysate at high temperature under pressure.
  • HSH are being used by the food industry for many years, especially in confectionery products.
    With time, they have become important food ingredients because of their sweetness, low cariogenic potential, and useful
    functional properties.

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