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  • Surimi is a refined form of minced fish meat.
  • The Japanese word "surimi" literally means "minced meat". However, surimi is more than minced meat.
  • Raw surimi is a truly bland material, since its flavor components are removed by the leaching process.
  • Japan's exports of surimi-based products to the U.S. have risen sharply in recent years.
  • The discovery of methods for producing a stable frozen surimi from Alaska pollock allowed surimi manufacturing to evolve into an automated mass-production system to keep pace with expanding demand.
  • The advent of an automated surimi production process meant that surimi production could be performed aboard a factoryship using freshly caught fish directly on the fishing grounds.
  • The Japanese government launched an $8.5 million 5- year program aiming to develop surimi from the dark meat of sardine and Pacific mackerel, abundant domestic species.
  • Japan has been importing annually between 4,000 and 5,000 metric tons of frozen surimi from Taiwan and Thailand. Taiwan manufactures frozen surimi at about 60 land-based plants using croaker and sharp-tooth eel.
  • The prices of ship-processed surimi have been much more stable than those of land-processed surimi, although they are not entirely free from major fluctuations.
  • Surimi is the intermediate raw material from which the end products called "neri-seihin" (surimi-based products) are manufactured.
  • The ship-processed surimi generally exhibits a gel-forming capacity higher than that of land-processed surimi which has gone through several cycles of leaching.
  • Sugar, the most important component, comprises 8 per cent of the salt-free surimi and 10 per cent of the salt-added surimi.

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