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  • Any artificially produced substance that resembles natural rubber in essential chemical and physical properties may be called synthetic rubber. Such substances, also called elastomers, are produced by chemical reactions, known as condensation or polymerization, of certain unsaturated hydrocarbons. The basic materials of synthetic rubber are monomers: compounds of relatively low molecular weight that form the building units of huge molecules called polymers. After fabrication, the synthetic rubber is cured by vulcanization.
  • Synthetic rubbers are marketed as compressed bales and square blocks. They are also produced in the form of powder rubber, talcum-coated chips, granules and as latex concentrates in liquid form.
  • The monomers can be produced pure and addition of impurities or additives can be controlled by design to give optimal properties.
  • Various types of synthetic rubber are in production, their composition determined by the specific use for which they are intended.
  • Granulated synthetic rubber is packed in polyethylene sacks and palletized. The polyethylene sacks can additionally be packed in cardboard boxes and then palletized.
  • Synthetic rubber offers important advantages over natural materials. Among its most beneficial characteristics are its great resistance to corrosion caused by fluids and gases, its very poor electrical conductivity, and its ability to flex and then regain its original shape.
  • Like natural rubber, synthetic rubber has a wide range of applications, such as in the tire industry (car, aircraft and bicycle tires), drive belts, hoses, medical equipment, seals, floor coverings, conveyor belts, molded parts. 
  • SBR is used primarily in tires and inner tubes, though it is also found in industrial applications such as carpet backing, nonwoven materials, and paper coatings. Major manufacturers of this compound include Uniroyal, Goodrich Tire Company, and Goodyear.
  • Polybutadiene, the third largest industry segment at about 7.6 percent of sales (by value), is also used mostly to create tires and treads. In addition, it is an important production material for hoses and belts.
  • Synthetic rubber production is a mature industry in the United States that faces numerous challenges for the future. Because of global overproduction capacity and a strong U.S. dollar, domestic manufactures must struggle to compete with cheaper overseas imports. Europe, in particular, leads the United States in technological advances in synthetic rubber processing, and Asia has greatly expanded production capabilities in recent years. 
  • While Asia accounted for the majority of rubber producing nations, Japan, North America, and Europe accounted for more than half of the world's total consumption of rubber.
  • The rubber industry group forecasts a moderate 1.6% annual growth rate for synthetic rubber through 2007, with 1.3% growth for SBR, 2.2% for polybutadiene, and 2.9% for EPDM.
  • Introduction of Rubber
  • Economics of Synthetic Rubber
  • Synthetic rubber comes of age
  • Synthetic Rubber- Introduction
  • Information- Synthetic Rubber
  • Vulcanizable Elastomers
  • Types of Synthetic Rubber

Production and Manufacturing Process

  • Synthetic Rubber Production Process
  • Synthetic Rubber Production
  • Butadiene Rubber Process
  • Emulsion Styrene-Butadiene Copolymers
  • Ethylene-Propylene Process
  • Monomer Production Process
  • Neoprene Production
  • Nitrile rubber Production Process
  • Polybutadiene Processing 
  • Production of Butadiene

Company Profiles

  • Wyko
  • C&M Rubber Company
  • Firestone Polymers
  • West American Rubber Company


  • John Minton
  • C.S.Speed Marvel
  • Intota
  • Hal Van Gieson
  • Rubber Consultants
  • Xetal Consultants Ltd


  • An Introduction to Rubber Technology
  • Synthetic Rubber Technologies
  • Dow Corning Pressure Sensitive Adhesives 
  • Latex Foam Rubber
  • Rubber Technology Roadmap
  • Wyatt Technology
  • Cleaner Production - Reduce Waste from Synthetic Rubber


  • Process for crosslinking carboxylated nitrile rubber
  • Process for the production of synthetic rubber latices having a high solids content
  • Process for the production of synthetic rubber latices
  • Nitrile polymer vulcanizate and process for the production thereof
  • Synthetic Rubber Like Composition and Method of Making Same
  • Material made from a Silicone Rubber
Plant  and Project
  • Synthetic rubber plant to built in Foshan
  • Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant
  • Nizhnekamskneftekhim
  • Shell's Synthetic Rubber Plant at Torrance
  • Automatic Rubber Latex Dipping Plant
  • Tokuyama Plant
  • DSM Elastomers Europe, EPT3 Project
  • Silicone Rubber Applications
  • Butyl Rubber-Adhesives & Sealants
  • Ethylene-propylene rubbers Applications
  • Elastomers Industrial Applications
  • Silicone Rubber for Medical Device Applications
  • Neoprene Applications
  • Powder Manufacturing from Synthetic Rubber


  • Buna SB
  • MP Trax
  • Elastomers Products
  • Synthetic/Rubber Gloves
  • Vamac Products


  • Butadiene Market Info
  • ICIS Pricing
  • Deproteinised Natural Rubber
  • Synthetic Rubber in Primary Forms
  • Synthetic Resin Manufacturing in Australia
  • Butadiene, Eked out by Synthetic Rubber
  • Polybutadiene Rubber
  • Elastomers Shaping the Future of mankind
  • Rubber Manufacturers Association


  • 1997 Economic Census
  • 2002 Economic Census
  • Synthetic Rubber & Fiber Mfg- Industry Report
  • Synthetic Fluids for Metal Working Applications
  • Production Profile
  • Synthetic Rubber- Amid a faltering economy
  • Origins of the Synthetic Rubber Industry in the United States

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Synthetic Rubbers Exporters
  • Synthetic Rubber Indian Suppliers
  • Synthetic Rubber Suppliers
  • Global Exporters & Manufacturers
  • Synthetic Rubber Providers
  • Synthetic Rubber Manufacturers
  • Synthetic Rubbers Manufacturers & Exporters


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Equipments Suppliers

  • Storage Tank Suppliers
  • China Condenser Manufacturers
  • Chemical Reactors Suppliers
  • Flash Tank Manufacturers
  • Shredders Suppliers

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