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  • Tea is, of course, Darjeeling's most famous export. From its 78 gardens, employing over 40,000 people, it produces the bulk of West Bengal's crop, which is almost a quarter of India's total.
  • The tea plantations were one of the first agricultural enterprises to use clonal plants in their replanting scheme, though most of the tea trees are at least 100 years old and nearing the end of their useful of even natural lives.
  • Tea plantation is a labor intensive operations; and its capital investment is limited to a few tractors some machines for drying and packing.
  • The process of establishing and operating a tea plantation is similar to that of any other commercial farm. It involves identification of suitable land, securing the land through lease or by making farmers share holders in the commercial venture, preparing the land, planting and harvesting the tea leaves, drying the leaves and packing.
  • The main objective of the trials conducted in Deckiajuli Tea Estate was to increase productivity of the tea bush by managing the pests with organic extracts.
  • Tea plantation industry is a combination of industry and agriculture (plantation is a large estate on which crops such as tea. coffee, rubber etc. are grown).
  • Tea plantations occupy 30.84 per cent of the total area under plantations in India and production oftea account for 46.49 per cent oftbe total national plantation output
  • India's tea plantations can be largely grouped into two regions, North India and South India, occupying 77.68 per cent and 22.32 per cent respectively of the total area under tea in India.
  • Tea plantation industry is an important industry in Kerala.
  • The first Indian to start planting of tea was an Assamese nobleman Maniram Dutta Barma, popularly known as Maniram Dewan.
  • Tea plantation, tea estates and the tea industry as a whole has been seriously hit by the explosive environment in

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