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  • Triallate is a pre-emergence selective herbicide used to control grass weeds in field and pulse crops.
  • Triallate belongs to the herbicide Group N (as classified by the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee, HRAC) which has no black-grass resistance problems.
  • Adsorption of the herbicide triallate has been measured onto four different sandy soils and a pig-slurry sample using a slurry-type procedure.
  • The phytotoxic action of triallate in soil is attributed to vapor absorption by shoots of susceptible seedlings.
  • An analytical method for determining triallate residues in lentil green tissue and mature grain was developed Using electron-capture gas
    chromatographic detection.
  • Triallate is a thiocarbamate herbicide used to control wild oat in wheat and certain other field crops.
  • Triallate was originally introduced to the Australian market for preemergent control of Wild Oats using full cut seeding systems.
  • Export of treated produce containing finite (measurable) residues of triallate may pose a risk to Australian trade in situations where (i) no residue tolerance (import tolerance) is established in the importing country or (ii) where residues in Australian produce are likely to exceed a residue tolerance (import tolerance) established in the importing country
  • Agricultural pesticide use in Ontario has been declining steadily the decline in pesticide use was from 8700 tonnes of active ingredients to 7200 tonnes.

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