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  • TCP stands for Tricresyl phosphate is an organophosphate component and non-flammable, viscous clear liquid, insoluble in water. It is used as a plasticizer and diverse.
  • Raw materials of tricresyl phosphate are cresol, phosphorus oxychloride.
  • The physical state of tricresyl phosphate is clear to pale yellow oily liquid and this melting point is less than 40 C and the specification gravity 1.143.Its stability is stable under ordinary condition.
  • It appearance is clear to pale yellow oily liquid and the density range is maximum 1.185.
  • It structure formula is C21H21)4p and the molecular weight is 368.36.
  • Some products that may consist tricresyl phosphate are auto air conditioning refrigerant, gasoline additives, lacquers, plastic packaging and vamishes.
  • It can be used in PVC, PE, conveyor belts, leather, wire and cable, flame retardant synthetic resin and it also used in gasoline additive, lubricant additive.
  • Tricresyl phosphate  was heated in the absence of powders to determine the products of its decomposition in air below the equal  condition as the powder reaction.
  • The determined tcp for Wear volumes for 52100 and 440C steels lubricated.
  • It is mixture of isomers of isomers of ortho, meta,or para cresols.
  • Tricresyl phosphate productivity is 100tons/month and it mainly used for exportation.
  • The properties of tcp is transparent liquid with slightly automatic odor and viscosity.
  • Specification of refractive index at 25 degree C range is 1.540 to 1.560 in tricresyl phosphate.

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