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  • Tridemorph is a systemic fungicide that first gained commercial clearance in 1969.
  • The name “tridemorph” was originally approved for the single isomer 2,6-dimethyl-4-tridecylmorpholine.
  • Tridemorph is absorbed by plant leaves and roots and acts by inhibition of steroid reduction
    and isomerisation.
  • Tridemorph is applied widely on banana plantations Latin America, especially Costa Rica and Ecuador.
  • Tridemorph is also used with a number of other fungicides including: cyproconazole, fenbuconazole, fenpropi-morph, flusilazole, propiconazole, tebucon-azole, triadimenol.
  • Tridemorph controls especially powdery mildews (Oidium ssp., Erysiphe ssp.) and Monilia ssp. in a wide range of crops and has some protective action.
  • Tridemorph is formulated with the fungicide carbendazim, to extend its spectrum of use in cereal disease control.
  • It has been reported that tridemorph was listed as teratogenic (a substance that may cause birth defects) in Sax and Lewis Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials.
  • Tridemorph is harmful to fish and/or other aquatic life.
  • A fungicide tridemorph was determined by electrogenerated chemiluminescence(ECL).
  • Both systemic and non-systemic fungicides were screened against collar rot of cotton caused by Sclerotium rolfsii. Hexaconazole, Propiconazole and Tridemorph were found highly effective among systemics and Thiram & Mancozeb showed maximum per cent inhibition of mycelial growth
    of the fungus among Non-systemics.
  • The concentration of the enzyme activity was calculated on a soil weight (oven dried) basis. The fungicide (tridemorph and captan) treatment were contrasted with untreated controls and the significant difference (P 0.05) between values of each sampling and each fungicide were performed using Duncan’s new multiple range (DMR) test

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