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  • Ultramarine is a blue pigment consisting primarily of a double silicate of aluminium and sodium with some sulfides or sulfates, and occurring in nature as a proximate component of lapis lazuli.
  • Ultramarine Blue is a very safe, non-hazardous blue pigment with a variety of applications worldwide.
  • Ultramarine blue is an environment friendly pigment available to the industry today.
  • Ultramarine blue is a historical pigment having been found in Egyptian tomb paintings. Synthetic ultramarine was produced at the beginnig of the nineteenth Century.
  • Synthetic ultramarine is a more vivid blue than natural ultramarine, since the particles in synthetic ultramarine are smaller and more uniform than natural ultramarine and therefore diffuse light more evenly. Synthetic ultramarine is also not as permanent as natural ultramarine.
  • Ultramarine blue made with Asturian refined hard kaolin from deposits associated with Armorican quartzite.
  • China clay kaolin has been the traditional raw material for UB pigment synthetic production.
  • New ultramarine generation have been prepared by the solid state mixing and firing technique from Egyptian Raw Materials for the first time. The raw materials used includes kaoline, Na2CO3, charcoal and sulphur precursors.
  • Ultramarines are HYDROPHOBIC, or ‘water hating’, and often do not mix well with water.
  • The ultramarine blue pigment to come in touch with the C3A of cement and water, allows the formation of large quantities of primary ettringite.
  • Raman spectroscopy was mainly used in pigment determination with the help of FTIR spectroscopy.
  • In first generation pigmented wallpapers, we also identified a mixture of ultramarine blue and chrome yellow.
  • Holliday Pigments is the world’s leading supplier of ultramarine pigments. Exporting to over 80 countries, Holliday Pigments has dedicated customer and technical service teams at its factory in France and its commercial office in Singapore.

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