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  • In recent years, there has been and increased interest in synthesizing quasi one-dimensional (1D) nanostructures of vanadium oxides and their derivative compounds . This is due to their potential applications such as catalysts , cathode materials for lithium batteries , high-energy density lithium batteries , chemical sensors , electric field-effect transistors, and electrochemical and optical devices.
  • Vanadium oxide has other uses besides simply aiding in the development of ferrovanadium. It also forms a crucial component in the production of sulfuric acid. Commonly known as vanadium pentoxide or v2o5, it is a catalyst in forming sulfuric acid during the contact process. Vanadium pentoxide or v2o5 is also frequently used as a dye in making ceramics. It can be mixed with gallium as well to form superconductive magnets.
  • A low-cost, a high-yielding of vanadium oxide nanobelts 2 was simply synthesized by hydrothermal treatment of our (NH4)2V3O8, 1, with deionized water at 200 C for 3 days.
  • Bulk and supported vanadium oxide catalysts find wide application as oxidation catalysts, but many fundamental questions are still unresolved about these important catalyst systems. The supported vanadium oxide catalysts were synthesized by incipient wetness impregnation and the bulk metal vanadate catalysts were synthesized by co-precipitation.
  • The bulk and supported vanadium oxide catalysts were chemically probed with CH3OH-Temperature Programmed Surface Reaction (TPSR) spectroscopy and steady state CH3OH oxidation. The TPSR experiments provide the surface kinetics for the methanol oxidation rate-determining-step (krds) that involves cleavage of the C-H bond of the surface methoxy (CH3O*) intermediate and the number of catalytic active sites (Ns).
  • The new 10-minute battery charger uses a tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide capacitor electrode , instead of a conventional carbon electrode. While drastically reducing the charge time it has no significant effect on storage capacity or voltage. The new 10-minute charger is nearly half the size of the previous charger and can charge electric vehicles from multiple automakers.

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