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  • Banana belongs to the family Musaceae and genus Musa.
  • Banana wine is a fruit wine made from bananas.
  • Banana wine is a traditional drink of east Africa, where it plays a role in social events and cultural rituals in Buganda
  • Banana wine is one of the latest processed products of banana to enter the market.
  • Use black or spotted bananas, whatever you can scrounge.
  • Banana must was treated with pectinase and a-amylase to hydrolyze pectin and starch prior to its use to produce a wine product.
  • Banana-based wine has a good flavor and can be considered a healthy alcoholic beverage.
  • Wine production from banana and pineapple wastes (Musa acuminata and Ananas comosus) was carried out by controlled fermentation for 5 days.
  • Fermentation of these wastes was done in groups: Group 1 and 3 (test and control group for banana wastes) and group 2 and 4 (test and control group for pineapple wastes).
  • Generally, 24 bunch of bananas produced 8.25 liters to 9 liters of banana wine. In a whole year, they have produced between 30 liters to 300 liters of banana wine per family.

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