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General Information

  • Zinc phosphide (Zn3P2) is an inorganic chemical compound.
  • Zinc phosphide is an inorganic compound with typically a dark grey crystalline appearance.
  • Zinc phosphide is commercially available as bait pellets, granules, dust, and tracking powder.
  • Zinc phosphide also known as trizinc diphosphide.
  • Zinc phosphide (Zn3P2) is a heavy, finely ground, crystalline gray-black powder that is practically insoluble in water and alcohol.


  • Zinc phosphide is used for rodent control on crops including grapes, sugarcane, artichoke, sugar beet, alfalfa, barley, berries, oats, sugar maple, wheat, corn, and hay.
  • It is also used on grasses such as home lawns, rangeland, and golf courses.
  • Zinc phosphide targets household rodent pests, such as mice and rats, in addition to field rodents including voles, ground squirrels, pocket gophers, prairie dogs, and jack rabbits.
  • Zinc phosphide (ZN3P2) is an acute rodenticide. One of its current uses employs application as a grain bait or pellet at the time of planting to reduce agricultural losses by field rodents.
  • It is also uses as a tracking powder for the control of house mice.
  • It is used on crop areas and on non-crop areas including lawns, golf courses, highway medians, and areas adjacent to wetlands.


  • There are over 80 products containing zinc phosphide registered for use in the United States.
    Zinc phosphide is used as a rodenticide throughout the world, but it has only recently been registered for use
    in Australia.
  • Zinc phosphide has been registered for use in pesticide products in the United States since 1947.
  • More recently, zinc phosphide formulation and application rates have been developed for use in prairie dog control.
  • Zinc phosphide  baits are the only rodenticide baits registered for in-field use in Florida sugarcane.
  • Zinc phosphide has been used as a control agent for commensal rodents for over 60 years.

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