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  • Neonicotinoids are a relatively new class of insecticides. They exhibit agonistic effects at postsynaptic nicotinic receptors in insects and are believed to have low toxicity in humans
  • Main Neonicotinoids are
    Acetamiprid, Clothianidin
    Imidacloprid, Thiacloprid
    and Thiamethoxam
  • Acetamiprid is an insecticide applied on Control of Sucking-Type Insects on Leafy Vegetables, Fruiting vegetables, Cole Crops, Citrus Fruits, Pome Fruits, Grapes, Cotton, and Ornamental Plants and Flowers.
  • White crystalline solid. Melting point 98.9C. Vapor pressure <1 x 10-6 Pa. Soluble in acetone, acetonitrile, methanol, dichloromethane.
  • Acetamiprid is a second-generation chloronicotinyl insecticide with contact and systemic activity via foliar applications.
  • Acetamiprid was manufactured and has been registered for use on leafy vegetables, cole crops, fruiting vegetables, pome fruits, cotton, citrus, stone fruits, and ornamentals for control of many of the same insects as imidacloprid.
  • The chemistry and technology involved in the manufacture of acetamiprid is said to be relatively straightforward and should be achievable by a number of generic and contract manufacturers. Some 40 companies claim to manufacture acetamiprid
  • Since its introduction in Japan in 1995, it has been registered in many countries for crop and non-crop markets. The European patent is due to expire in October 2010, but a UK SPC has been granted with a maximum expiry date of January 26th 2015.
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