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  • Benomyl is used as a pre-harvest systemic fungicide, and as a post-harvest dip or dust.
  • Benomyl is a systemic, benzimidazole fungicide that is selectively toxic to microorganisms and to invertebrates, especially earthworms. It is used against a wide range of fungal diseases of field crops, fruits, nuts, ornamentals, mushrooms, and turf.
  • Benomyl containing products carry the signal word CAUTION, indicating that it has a low acute toxicity. Benomyl is of such a low acute toxicity to mammals, it has been impossible or impractical to administer doses large enough to firmly establish an LD50.
  • Benomyl is strongly bound to soil and does not dissolve in water in flooded rice fields to any significant extent . When applied to turf, it has a half-life of three to six months and when applied to bare soil the half-life is six to twelve months.
  • Benomyl may be irritating to the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes. Contact dermatitis has been reported from exposure.
  • Benomyl is genotoxic in a variety of short-term genetic tests. Because its mechanism of action is inhibition of DNA synthesis by interfering with microtubules in the cell division apparatus, it would be expected to be active in many kinds of genetic tests, especially ineukaryotic cells.
General Information
  • Benomyl
  • Basic Information of Benomyl
  • Benomyl - use and usage
  • Benomyl Images
  • Benomyl Red Facts
  • Benomyl Chemical Profile
  • Benomyl - benzimidazole fungicide
  • Benomyl a glance
  • Fungicide Benomyl
  • Benomyl / methotrexate resistance protein
  • Benomyl Chemical Data Profile
Company Profile
  • Company from China
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  • Benomyl
  • Universal Benomyl 500 WP
  • Benomyl / Carbendazim
  • Asperilligus Benomyl Plates
  • Benomyl
  • Safety Data for Benomyl
  • Benlate - Benomyl


  • Efficacy of New Benzimidazole Fungicides
    Against Sensitive and Benomyl-Resistant Botrytis cinerea
  • Genetic Transformation of the Biocontrol Fungus Gliocladium virens
    to Benomyl Resistance
  • Benomyl Tolerant Fusarium Lateritium
  • Fungicidal Mixture


  • Benomyl products


  • Toxicity of Benomyl
  • Toxicity info for  Benomyl
  • Toxicity and Environmental effects
  • Human Health effects
  • Animal toxicity Studies

Safety and Risk

  • Risk Characterization Document
  • Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Health and safety Guide

Market & Report

  • Review report of  Benomyl
  • Effect of Benomyl on In Vitro and  in Vivo Biology
  • Efforts to arrest the spread of invasive weeds
  • Benomyl Residues
  • Comparative influence of benomyl on rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere bacteria
  • Development of an alternative postharvest treatment to benomyl
  • Consultant from Asia
  • Consultant from New Delhi
  • Consultant from China
  • Consultant from Romania


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