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  • Bromadiolone is a potent rodenticide. It is a second-generation 4-hydroxycoumarin derivative, often called a "super-warfarin" for its added potency and tendency to accumulate in the liver of the poisoned organism.
  • Bromadiolone is an anticoagulant and may cause haemorrhaging. It is very toxic by inhalation, contact with the skin and by ingestion.
  • Bromadiolone is a white to off-white powder.  It is stable at room temperature and has a melting point of 200-210C.  Its solubility in water is very low. It is slightly soluble in ethanol and ethyl acetate, and soluble in dimethylformamide. 
  • Bromadiolone is unlikely to enter the atmosphere, because of its low volatility. It is practically insoluble in water. Bromadiolone is readily adsorbed on soils rich in clay and organic compounds, with no leaching. Degradation in soil is significant with half-lives ranging from 1.8 to 7.4 days.
  • Bromadiolone has a high, acute oral toxicity (LD50 of 1-3 mg/kg) for various species including rodents and non-rodents.
  • It is used as a rodenticide in
    urban and farm rodent control and acts by disrupting the normal bloodclotting mechanisms causing an increased tendency to bleed.
General Information
  • General Info for Bromadiolone
  • Bromadiolone
  • Basic Info of Bromadiolone
  • Bromadiolone chemical profile
  • Bromadiolone a Glance
  • Bromadiolone LC50/LD50
Company Profile
  • Company from China
  • Company from Liaoning
  • Company from China
  • Company from P.R.China
  • Company from China
  • Company from China


  • Bromadiolone
  • Bromadiolone Red
  • Bromadiolone
  • Brigand Bromadiolone
  • DeadLine Contact Dust
  • Romax Bromadiolone
  • Bromatrol


  • Toxicity info for Bromadiolone
  • Toxicology Data Network
  • Bromadiolone Toxicity
  • Pesticide Toxicity
  • Bromadiolone Toxicity on Rats


  • Anticoagulant Rodenticide Toxicosis in the Dog and Cat


  • David Bromadiolone liquor 500ml
  • Bromadiolone products from Shenyang
  • Consultant from China
  • Consultant from Taiwan


  • Rodenticidal composition
  • Rodenticidal composition in the form of  Vegetable Paste
  • Packaged Rodenticide
  • Rodenticide Mixture
  • Rodenticide Bait

Safety & Risk

  • Health and Safety Guide
  • Signs of Chemical poisoning -- Bromadiolone
  • Risk Mitigation

Market & Report

  • Assessment Report for Bromadiolone
  • Bromadiolone (superwarfarin) ingestion
  • Mouse Monitoring and Baiting
  • Review Report for Bromadiolone
  • Hazards of Secondary Bromadiolone
  • Risk Assessment of the Active Substance Bromadiolone
  • Intoxication with anticoagulant rodenticide bromadiolone in a dog


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  • Suppliers for Bromadiolone
  • Supplier fromWednesbury
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  • Bromadiolone Supplier

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