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  • A 30% lowering in cell voltage and, hence, a 30% lowering in energy consumption per unit product can be achieved in membrane chlor-alkali cells by replacing the hydrogen-evolving cathode by an oxygen-consuming cathode.
  • The chlor-alkali industry discusses potential energy savings in the production of caustic soda and chlorine, and also focuses on potential energy savings in the production of soda ash.
  • The new chlor alkali unit is estimated to produce 250,000 electro chemical units annually, bringing the company's total estimated ECU capacity upon completion to 525,000 per year.
  • The China Chlor-Alkali/PVC Consulting Service provides you with a comprehensive view of Chinese markets for chlorine, caustic, vinyls, and the associated raw materials, as well as the most complete package of analysis, interpretation and forecasting available to the global industry.
  • Advanced Chlor-Alkali Technology  study demonstrates that the zero-gap chlor-alkali cells with gas-diffusion cathodes offer a practical alternative to the standard membrane-cells.
  • One of the largest global players in this industry. Ninety percent of all chlor-alkali electrolysis facilities have already been converted to the energy-saving membrane process. Technology Services was a decisive contributor to all new plants and plant modifications. The functions fulfilled range from owners engineering all the way to taking responsibility for complete plant construction projects.

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