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  • Clay roof tiles are durable, natural, sustainable products that improve with age and weathering.
  • There are two types of roofing tiles, overlapping and interlocking. Interlocking tiles are designed to be installed in pairs with an extrusion on one tile that is designed to lock over the other tile securing both. Overlapping tiles don't have a locking side and are generally nailed in place
  • There are a number of tiles shapes and profiles, but most fall into two categories, pan tiles and flat tiles
  • The term 'clay' has been used in several ways: to designate very fine grained particles of less than 0.004mm diameter ; as a rock composed essentially of clay minerals and as a mineral group known as 'clay minerals'.
  • The tile and brick clays are usually of low grade. Red burning type of clays should easily burn hard at comparatively low temperatures. These clays have fusion point around 950C
    to 1000C. The quality of finished tiles rests greatly on selection and ageing of raw clay
  • Tile factories need to have pug mill, fly press, Tile presses
    ( motorized), conveyors, Kiln, hand tools clay storage yard, tile storage stores, Material handling trucks, carts
  • Cool coatings on tiles lower roof surface temperature, which in turn reduces the need for cooling energy in conditioned buildings and makes unconditioned buildings more comfortable.
Clay Roofing Tiles
  • About Tiles
  • About Terracotta Tiles
  • Tile Man - magazine
  • Tile Roof System
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  • Clay Mining Study Report
  • Mining Clay - Project Case Study
  • Clay Tile Manufacturing Guide
  • Machine Made
  • Tile Drawings
  • Production Process Steps
  • European Standardization of Roofing Tiles
  • Specifications - sample
  • Tile Specifications
  • Compliance with Standards
  • Energy Saving - Thrissur Industry
  • Terracotta Standards
  • Machinery - Spain
  • Plain Tiling


  • Cool Colour Roofing Material
  • Tile Drawings
  • Clay Shortage
  • Clay shortage in Kerala
  • Government Notification
  • Another notification
  • Kiln Technology Offer
  • Cool Roof
  • Excise Duty


  • Turnkey Project Offer
  • American Consultant


  • Clay Mines - Kerala
  • Tile Company - Armenia
  • Energy Conservation in Buildings
Equipment and Raw Materials
  • Machinery Suppliers
  • Machinery Supplier -Kerala
  • Industrial Clay
  • Raw Materials for Tiles Production
  • Clay Preparation & Shaping Machinery
  • Chinese Machinery
  • Roofing Tile Manufacturing Plant
  • Clay Machinery Information
  • Kerala Mines
  • Clays, Glazes, Kilns, Machinery & equipments
  • Mining Leases - mine owners


  • Manufacturers/ Suppliers
  • Tile Industry Cluster - Kerala
  • Thrissur Industry for Italian Technology
  • Concrete Roofing tiles
  • Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles
  • Global Roof Tiles Importers
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