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  • Energy access for the poor has multi-dimensional facets
  • For millions of households in developing countries, cooking is more than just a daily
    activity; it is associated with long hours spent collecting biomass. Smokey kitchens and the use of high intensity carbon fuels such as charcoal lead to dangerous emissions, which affect health and the environment
  • A variety of cookstove
    products were tried and tested through subsidised social delivery programmes, funded mostly by donors
  • The recent rise of social entrepreneurship in the energy sector is also responsible for the move towards an active market based model.
  • Cookstoves are adopted well by users if three principle dimensions are effectively addressed: motivation,
    affordability, and the level of engagement required.
  • In India, the market is dominated by two large players
  • Burning sustainable harvested wood now appears in a new light, as the easy, natural, affordable, and right thing to do, resulting in the modernization of a traditional energy form.
  • The mass production of high quality wood stoves
    manufactured and sold through a reliable supply chain developed for the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ lower end market is the need of the hour
General Information
  • Stoves & Fire baskets
  • Clean Burning Ethanol Stoves
  • Cooking Hearths
  • Hot Blast Stoves


  • Domestic Biogas Technology
  • Coal fired tile stoves
  • Stoves for Institutional & Commercial use
  • Gasifier Stoves
  • Low Cost wood conserving stoves
  • Improved household Charcoal Stove
  • Domestic Wood Burning Stove - Test procedure
  • Evaluation of Manufactured wood burning stoves


  • Cook Stoves - Markets & Opportunities
  • Rural network - Bangladesh
  • The Stove Trade
  • Promotion of improved cook stoves in Ghana
  • Evaluation of improved cook stove - Guatemala
  • Opportunity in the Charcoal Briquettes Sector
  • Stove Quality - Tanzania


  • CDM Cook Stove project
  • Efficient Cook Stove

Trade Leads  - Samples

  • Buyers
  • Manufacturers - stoves & burners

Carbon Credits

  • Clean Development Mechanism - project document
  • Carbon credit protocols
  • Carbon Markets for improved cooking stoves
  • Climate Innovators
  • Wood cooking stove project document
  • CDM Funding


  • Kerosene Vapor Stove
  • Wood Burning Stove
  • Solid Fuel Burning Apparatus
  • Portable Stove
  • Portable Cooke toaster Oven
  • Stove for Carbon credits


  • Pressure Cooker Training
  • Biomass energy supply for Rural Households
  • Reduce GHG Emissions
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