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Information profile @ a Glance
  • India is one of the major producers of cotton and the cotton textile industry is one of the
    oldest and largest in the country.
  • Cotton ginning is an interface between the farming and mill sectors, and engaged in the process of separation of fibres from cotton balls. Spinning is conversion of fibers into yarn. Spinning is the foundation process and all the subsequent value additions i.e. Weaving, Knitting, Processing,
    Garments and Made ups, depend upon it. Cotton which is in the form bales is fed to blow room followed by various operations like carding and
    combing depends on the requirement. The final yarn of required specifications are met through these operations and winded.
  • There are nine major cotton growing states in India e.g., Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. Out of these, Maharastra has the largest number of ginning mills
  • Ginning industries can be broadly classified as saw ginning and roller ginning depending upon the type of machine used.
  • Pressing of ginned cotton is done for ease of transport. Hydraulic or electric presses are
    used for two-stage process of making bales
  • The investment cost for setting up a ginning mill of 24 gins will be around Rs.12 Crores
  • The investment for setting up a spinning mill with a capacity of 15000 spindles could be about Rs. 35 Crores

Basic Information

  • Cotton Business

  • Cotton in India

  • Organic Cotton

  • Textile Sector - India

Companies & Reports

  • Coimatore Company - Spinning mill

  • Ludhiana Company

  • Dhaka Company

  • Karaikal Company

  • Afghanistan Company

  • Kanpur Company

Trade Scenario
  • Ginning Industry - India
  • Industry:2011-12
  • Cotton -Value Chain
  • Availability of Cotton and Cotton Yarn
  • Market Outlook
  • Textiles India -2010
  • Textile Industry - 2005
  • Industrial Policy
  • Export Promotion Scheme
  • Cogeneration
  • Exporting Yarn
Technology Information
  • Spinning Mill Technology
  • Eco-friendly Spinning Technology
  • Processing of Eco Lint Colour Cotton Fibres
  • Technology to dye cotton yarn & fabric with Natural dyes
  • Technologies for Cotton Development

Equipment Suppliers

  • Suppliers of Machinery/ Equipment Required in Ginning & Pressing
  • Spun Yarn Systems
  • Spinning Mill Machinery suppliers

Project Information

  • Cotton Ginning - Project sample
  • Ginning Mills Project data
  • Spinning Mills Project data
  • Costing for Spinning Mill
  • Cotton yarn Project proposal
  • Ginning mill investment
  • Cotton Ginning Machinery Manufacturer - turnkey offer
  • Cost analysis
  • Apply for registration

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